Property Management

One Market Real Estate Property Management Services prides itself on its knowledge of the industry, the work ethic of its team members, and transparency to property owners. You will find no other company that will work as hard to maintain your property and ensure you receive the highest potential profit from your investments. In our commitment to provide the highest customer service possible we will adhere to the following standards:

  • Securing a Tenant

  • We will do a thorough market study to identify trends in the community. Our market study will ensure a rental price that will not only maximize the monthly income of your property but also keep vacancy rates low.

  • Managing Tenant Relations

  • Our trained staff will be on call to handle all communication with your tenants. You can rest assured in knowing that you have a team of experts addressing even the smallest issues of your tenants. We will also manage any communication with the HOA’s, neighbors, FPL, local water company and all other utility companies.

  • Rental Collection

  • Our team will manage the monthly rent Collection and ensure payments by the 7th of every month. Our experienced property managers have effective procedures to ensure that we efficiently collect rent and maintain on-time payments. We also offer our Guaranteed Rent program, where we will pay you a guaranteed monthly amount for the full term of your lease.

  • Managing the Property

  • One Market Real Estate has a network of qualified repair contractors that will oversee all maintenance projects. Our experienced team has relationships with various maintenance workers, suppliers, tradesmen, contractors, and vendors. You can rest assure in knowing that we will handle it all and get you the best work for the best price.

  • Quality Reporting

  • Our team will supply you with monthly financial reports that will keep you abreast of your property. The report will provide you with an executive summary, in debt rental market analysis, monthly/yearly profit & loss statement, variance report, general ledger, and expense receipts.

  • Benefits of using One Market Real Estate for Property Management

  • Leverage the knowledge of our firm and even novice investors can be savvy rock star investors
    Foreign/out-of-state/or out-of-town investors can buy in south Florida with confidence
    We will make sure you are always in compliance with housing regulations and property laws:
    Since we will take care of the day-to-day needs of the property, you will be able to maximize the profitability of your time and spend it identifying other investment opportunities
    You will maximize the profitability of your money by getting high rentals with low repair cost

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